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The Resin Application Server health system creates a PDF report summarizing the system's health by monitoring the Java VM, operating system and application server.


The PDF report is available in the /resin-admin under the "summary" section. There is a PDF tab which prompts you to generate the port.

Command-Line Interface

The command-line "pdf-report" creates a report for the previous week and saves it in the servler's log directory. You can also get a copy to the local file system

Writing PDF report to a local file

unix> resinctl pdf-report -local -local-dir /tmp

generated /var/www/log/app-0-Snapshot-20120229T1356.pdf
Local copy is written to '/tmp/app-0-Snapshot-20120229T1356.pdf'


  • Report times - shows the time the report was generated and the time range of the report
  • Environment - shows the JVM, operating system, and CPU information
  • System Resources - shows JVM heap, physical memory, swap and file descriptor summary
  • Resin Instance - shows the directories and files and Resin version. Also shows any startup messages.
  • Licenses - shows the current Resin Pro licenses
  • TCP Ports - status of the TCP listeners and threads at the time the snapshot was taken
  • Health - The HealthCheck status of the server and a graph showing the status over time.
  • Recent Warnings - Shows log warning messages before the snapshot was taken
  • Recent Anomalies - Shows any anomalous behavior (like thread spikes) detected by Resin
  • Cluster Status - shows the status of all the servers in the cluster as a set of graphs
  • Server Graphs - graphs of the most important meters for the system over the measured time.
  • Heap Dump - shows the most heavy memory usage for the system. You can use this as an initial

memory debugging.

  • CPU profile - optional, when a profile is taken, will show the most heavily used methods
  • Thread dump - shows the state of all threads in the system when the dump was taken
  • Full log - shows all of the java.util log warnings over the time period
  • JMX dump - shows the full state of JMX
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