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The Resin application server thread pool is generally self-adjusting to the application load. With a modern 64-bit operating system, you can generally set the thread-max to its maximum value.

resin.xml configuration

The resin.xml configuration file has a <thread-max>, <thread-idle-min> and <thread-idle-max> configuration.

  • thread-max is the maximum threads allowed for the pool (should be large like 8192 or unset)
  • thread-idle-min is the minimum number of idle threads (can be increased for spiky services)
  • thread-idle-max is the maximum number of idle threads

ScheduledExecutorService for @Inject

The Resin thread pool is available to applications as a Dependency Injected ScheduledExecutorService.

Your application can use the thread pool by injecting the executor service.

public class MyBean {
  private ScheduledExecutorService _executor;
  void myMethod()
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